At the beginning stage iPhone was not advanced as it is today and the knowledge and skill of developers also were at primitive level so the quality of iPhone Apps Programming was a its infantile stage. iPhone developers were learning new techniques, tricks and tweaks by trial and error method due to these reasons overall experience of iPhone users was not awesome as find today.

Since Apple has restricted developers to use Objective C, X-code and iPhone SDK on its Mac system therefore, developers who used to working on Window had hard time to learn Mac and these new languages, technologies and tools. A big portion of developers avoid jump into iPhone app programming, this creates a void in supply of professional developers so naturally development cost tend to be high. But the iPhone developers who used to work hard and sharpen their skill and poured their talent and creativity in development recognized as professional iPhone developers and they got worth to their efforts.

Time being other developers who seated at fence tempted to make their fortune in iPhone development and adopted it as their career. With these changes now market has got saturated with experts and experienced developers and a fierce competition takes place among the developer community that ultimately leads to downing trends in development prices even with increase in quality of deliverables. With subsequent versions of iPhone features and functionalities increased significantly and that made development more complex, but cost of development remains stable.

In short, now iPhone app programming is playing at an advance stage and delivering apps with WOV factors.

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