HTML 5 is a buzz word in the website development community particularly for HTML5 Mobile Website Development since the support of other languages or previous version of HTML is not good in mobiles due to fragmentation of the platforms. HTML 5 is a sole player which is acceptable on all the major latest browsers. In this series we will discuss some useful aiding tools for HTML 5 website development that are not only speed up the development process but give you an edge in the quality of the website by offering peculiar features and functionality.


This tool presents the needed tools for the perfect mobile website development and web designing, of course you can use this in your web development too for a desktop website. It has everything like HTML5. Blueprint grid, CSS3, etc. as well as it is compatible with all major browsers. Using this tool nothing left to configure, just move this package to the root of your site development and done. With this tool you can style images, forms, buttons, securities, tabs, galleries. Lists, light box, menus, tables, icons and grids.

This tool can inspire you to incline towards HTML 5 as well as saves your valuable time avoiding reinventing wheel again and again. You can get benefits of its layouts, elements and files to get good head start in  HTML 5 website development and block through number of per-configured and per-sylized functions especially for integrators and developers mastering HTML and CSS. This is for free.
When first iPad released the iPhone development companies in India have kicked off iPad Apps Development India
 immediately because now they have everything needed for iPad development. Now they are not only work for their clients but they create iPad apps for themselves and get some fortunes in App store. In due course iPad apps development India have register themselves as iOS developers in App store and likely facing all problems other face. In this we won't discuss much about other problems but only iPad app testing related problems.

This has been seen that when we going to testing our iPad app on a real iPad we are meeting with a horror in form of an error notification that your iPad doesn't have a proper profile installation on it and you are going to check your profile but found nothing wrong with it because profile is not expire at all but the certificate it is tied so the profile stops working more. Actually figuring out that the developers certificate is expired is fighting a half battle and remaining half is to get new one. So we will see this process step-by-step.

Finding expired certificate

To do this you have to take help of Keychain Access application and that you can get through your Mac application where you have to click on the Utilities folder. Once you entered in Keychain you will get a list of  certificates and the certificates needed for development would be named like iPad developer: [your_name] and iPad distribution: [your_name] and a red circle with an X is found in the middle that designate that it is expired now.

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When iPad Mini entered in the market it has got applaud from the users since it has small handy size offering great convenience for users than larger models, but it became some sort of headache for iPad App Development India because there are many iPad apps which don't functioning well on Mini, especially due to its small size. Ideally Mini has the same screen aspects ratio that other models have so all apps made for other versions should function well on the Mini, but things are not black and white as they seem.

There are many well know apps are getting bad reviews and complaints for sake of use on Mini and this thing is a concern for iPad app development India companies as their patrons now want to have equal treatment for Mini. Their customers come with mainly complaints for tiny buttons and text fields on Mini. There are some faults at iPad app development India side that many times they don't follow the guidelines release by Apple that their buttons should have minimum size 44X44 or the active area for buttons should be of that size.

If they already created some small size for other versions than Mini these buttons become more smaller on the Mini and increase the chances to get tapped wrong button or need more tapping than they used to. Actually this is not big problem for developers as they can do some programming tweaks and things are done! But actual problem is for the clients since they have to release an update of their app.

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Recently Apple has taken an upgrade in iOS by releasing iOS6. A recent survey of iPhone Software App users indicate that nearly 59% iPhone software app users have upgraded to iOS6 that means there are lots of acceptability of upgrades in iOS users than in Android users. There are many reasons to behave Android users such a way. The first thing is the high fragmentation in Android hardware and many manufacturers and devices are not capable to support latest Android OS updates. In contrast Apple is releasing new upgrades in iOS every year and people willingly accept them despite the new releases of iOS devices like iPhone may cost dearly to purchase new device every year people are getting go with it.

This things surprise many and let them to think about the possible reasons. The remarkable thing is Apple's policies for hardware, software as well as App store itself. When Apple release new version of iPhone it loads it with tons of new features and functionality as well as inclusion of new hardware components and upgrades in existing components. This attract many to secure new iPhone for them. Same is true for iOS upgrades which brings lots of significant advancements for its users. App store also changes its policies and makes more strict to bring quality iPhone software apps that offer uniqueness, innovations and user-friendliness to please their end users.

A noteworthy approach of Apple is that it gifts always some more extensions of intuitiveness and user-friendly interface with each new release of iOS and provide opportunities to the iOS developers to come out with more advancement in their development skills.

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In part 1, we have seen the setup process during iPhone Application Development. Now in this part will go further explore other aspects of iPhone application development.


Here we are not going to describe coding in depth but we will see iPhone application development at a glance. So now start Xcode and create a new project and give it a name and setup project info as you have to tell Xcode that what architecture, SDK, device type and certificates you are going to use. Now select the project name in Groups and File list-first file and click blue button of info in toolbar you will have plenty of information but you have to consider only red circle area so you can choose the certificate to compile with for each type of build. Once this process finished successfully you can download and install some steps like Development, Ad-Hoc and Distribution, development work for simulator and your devices, Ad-Hoc friend device and Distribution for App store.

Now configure all your build types: select the Debug for the configuration drop down and choose the development certificate for coding signing. Double check the item listed as Targeted Device Family in order to assure that you are creating an app for the particular type of device. Now change the configuration drop down to release and choose your Distribution certificate for coding signing. Now press the configuration tab at the top and in list select Release and at the bottom press Duplicate button. You can rename this configuration to Ad-Hoc. Now go back at build tab select Ad-Hoc from the configuration drop down and now choose your Ad-Hoc certificate for code signing, that's all, close project info window.

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Whenever Apple releases new version, be it iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. it always comes with new technologies, features and functionality in hardware as well as software. iPhone 5 is not exception so it has sleek look with somewhat big screen, A6 chip with 2X processing capacity, powerful camera, retina display as well as high pixel density albeit with iOS6 which is again loaded with tons of features and functionality.

These new things means new challenges for iPhone developers and new opportunities for those who want to make some fortune in the App store and businesses that need something special for their business needs. Let's see that how you will grab these opportunities to make your life easy and get some buck more.

When you think of creating some advance apps for iPhone 5 you should be an iPhone developer otherwise you have to Hire iPhone Programmer who is capable to make your concepts or your business specific needs a solid reality. Before jump into the bandwagon lets evaluate some criteria that make some difference in hire iPhone programmer adventure. Since you are going to hire iPhone programmer especially for iPhone 5 development check whether your developer is well accustomed with the new features and functionality of iPhone 5 as well as iOS6. The best thing is that at least one app should be visible akin to your concept or needs so you can put 100% trust on him. If you can't get it for iPhone 5 no problem but must be for iOS6 as it has been released quite earlier.

If you can select a reputed and capable iPhone development company which offering hire iPhone programmer services you might have been showered by lots of questions in order to extract more and more information regarding to your development by your hire iPhone programmer or by company then assume that you are on right place.

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There are some grumblings from PhoneGap App developers that App store rejects their PhoneGap app on the ground that they it has not native like experience and these developers blame PhoneGap as the reason. But as a PhoneGap app developer I am not agree with this and in this post I would like to discuss some important hints to improve acceptance rate in App store.

Apple doesn't has any agony for web app or for HTML use, but in practice it put stress on the quality of apps so if your PhoneGap app has not experience like an app or users don't feel like home in the iOS ecosystem or doesn't give mobile web experience it is more likely that App store will reject your app on these backgrounds not on PhoneGap platform. In fact PhoneGap is an opensource to build cross platform mobile apps based on web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. PhoneGap act as a container for UI elements and wrap your HTML experience so you app can interacts with native operating system functionality using JavaScript and also gives ability to package your app for App store distribution.

Apple prefers apps that have a unified feel and continuous experience so with your app user performs an action that give an impression that current page is unloaded and next page is going to load then you have to take steps to make this transition seamlessly so try to use single page architecture with asynchronous loading and dynamic update of content or you can make transition lighter and faster with good user experience. Make your app feel faster by decreasing total time from requesting data to display on the screen by reducing overhead in a lightweight format.

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Recent presidential election expose the ambiguity of Obama towards bilateral relationship with India concern to outsourcing as he made an statement against the outsourcing. Moreover, many senators have raised this issue and blame on the other senators who are using outsourcing services. In due course many states have passed bills which strictly prohibited outsourcing government work as well tried to influence other private parties/companies to come out in their support. Thus, over all scenario of the companies in India which are solely rely on outsourcing jobs from developed nations mostly from US is diminishing.

In such adverse situations Offshore iPad App Development companies are experiencing some unprecedented increase in projects they are receiving, you might wondered that how this is so far possible. This is because iPad development is not with easy learning curves and developed  countries are facing acute shortage of such human resources hence they are come with higher prices and that is diminishing the ROI of the the investors. So far price is a first factor that influence the decision and requirement of quality is going hand to hand with it. Offshore iPad app development is serving both purposes if you approach a right offshore iPad app development company.

Unlike advanced countries where there are many opportunities to make a hefty bank balance very few prefer to go for software development whilst in developing countries like India outsourcing is an attractive career option for talented people so they become the growth engine of the outsourcing companies. With pace of time iPad developers in India learn the all technologies, tricks and tweaks of the successful and advance iPad development and yielding the quality for that clients strive. When they are satisfying clients for quality and price, automatically they are getting more projects despite the adverse situations in developed countries.

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HTML 5 has opened the ways of creation of cross platform, cross devices and cross browser application through HTML 5 mobile apps development. The use of frameworks in HTML5 Mobile Apps Development simplifies the development process and enables developers to build compelling web apps more quickly. In this post we will take a bird eye view of some frameworks that can make difference in HTML 5 mobile apps development.

DHTMLX Touch & UI Designer

This is a free HTML 5 based JavaScript library created for the development of cross platform mobile web apps. It consists of complete feature set of UI widgets and:

-> form widgets
-> grid widgets
-> Google Maps
-> video
-> Pop-up
-> Menu
-> Group List
-> Confirm

It is devoid of a WYSIWYG tool so you have to work as old school ways. You can use an online Visual Designer to create your app by dragging-and-dropping components onto a mobile device layout, and setting each control's properties through the same visual interface. It also supports landscape and portrait layouts.

The M Project

It is short form of multi-platform. It comes with Expresso, a build tool that is based on Node.JS. Installing Node. Installing Node.JS isn't a simple one-click process, there is a requirement to install it under Cygwin, a Linux-like virtual environment.

52 Frameworks

This is an HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript framework. It is a full-featured collection that offers developers to create web apps that include HTML5 video, rounded corners,shadows,  that use CSS3 selectors, and that feature HTML5 form validation, the HTML5 canvas element and local storage, etc.

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Iphone is cherish its growing user base and constantly offering latest technologies which are always proving a first in its niche. With each new version iPhone developers bring something extraordinary in their iPhone apps development. Thus, market of iPhone apps are always remains in demand and many thinks to make some fortune in App store or use apps for personal or professional use. If you intended to have an iPhone app you should consider a local firm if you are with unlimited budget and don't care the cost of development, but you are price sensitive or at least want quality worth to your expenditure you should focus on outsourcing companies from India like countries which are famous for their IT human resources.

When you start searching right company with right developer through Hire iPhone Developer scheme you will find plenty of companies boasted on fit as your right choice. When you read articles or blog mostly published by such companies advise you to examine their portfolio and see their testimonials, but none will guide you to adopt efficient methods so in this post we will go briefly on this topic.

The best thing is to search apps in App store which are interesting for you not only similar to your concept and use developer link of the app which is most interesting this the best idea to reach at the company which offers talented hire iPhone app developer services. Simply looking the portfolio might not work efficiently as many put projects done by either others or by a team not single one.

Instead of relying on testimonials which may be fake you go to social media like Twitter or Facebook and ask for true opinions of the users about your selected apps form App store. Another good platform to find out right hire iPhone developer is forums like iPhone blog Forum,Modify, everything Cafe, etc. which brief information about your idea so you will have right hire iPhone developer or company through search engines which are likely pickup your post.

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